Kum Nye literally means massaging the subtle body. This massage causes subtle channels to open so that circulation of blood, oxygen, and energy increases.

When energy circulates, the inner fire increases, converting processes of the body. From the creation of the blood to the production of hormones and essence. If everything is well the body is able to experience happiness.

Kum Nye helps to see things as they are, so you can decide how you handle it. You can understand what is stuck so that it can transform. Kum Nye helps keeping energy, relaxes and gives you strength. This will also make it easier to meet challenges or as the teacher Tulku Lobsang says, “To use experiences as a friend”.

With Kum Nye we can treat muscles, bones, tendons, bone marrow, back and the elements extensively. Kum Nye can also be used as an intensive oil massage.

Session 50Eur / 60min
Session 30Eur / 30min